Founder Message


Born in a remote village of chandina, I have observed from my boyhood that there is no higher education institution in Chandina Thana. Consequently, many students had to go to city or town to service higher education after passing the S.S.C Examination . Although Chandina is a home of many elite personel, they did not think of establishing any higher educational institutional here. This pained me a lot. Then in 1979 I had the chance to fulfilling my long- felt desire. At that time I was the youngest member of parliament of the second National Assembly. I established Chandina Redwan Ahmed college in the nerve  of Chandina with the monetary help of my beloved wife Mrs.Momtaz Ahmed ; since then a host of students have obtaining H.S.C and graduations degree from this institution and serving the nation creditably. It bears the testimony of the acceptability of this institution.

From the inception, I cherished a dream to make this institution a full-fledged university. At long last, my dream come true by the introducing of hons Course with six subjects in the session of 2010-11.At present, the students have the opportunity of studing hons in eleven subjects and masters in three subjects in this university college.

I wish the grand success of the institution.

Dr. Redwan Ahmed
Founder and Chairman

Chandina Redwan Ahmed university college
Chandina, Comilla