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I am most welcome Chandina Redwan Ahmed College website “” all of our well wisher from my heart of core. This is a dynamic website which discloses our activities at nut shell. This website provides easy way to communicate between students and administration. The department of Finance & Banking is one of the parts and parcel of Chandina Redwan Ahmed College family. The The Department of Finance & Banking is one of the top and most dynamic departments in the faculty of Business Studies at Chandina Redwan Ahmed College under National University. We are determined to achive supreme academic excellence. The department is committed towards providing quality education and cherishing students to develop as business leaders to face a competitive challenging global economy.

Chandina Redwan Ahmed College founded in 1980 by most young parliament member Dr. Redwan Ahmed by that time at the heart of Chandina in Comilla. At 1993 this college was introduced Bachelor Program (Degree) for people of Chandina as they were being taking higher education easily and also low cost. Dr. Redwan Ahmed turned his dream into true at 2010-11 academic session by opening Bachelor Program Honors as a reflection of love of chandina’s people. Now this college is offering the people of Chandina higher quality education at low cost. We have 11 subject honors course and 4 subject mister courses. It is not vary far that it is become one of the most elegant private University in Bangladesh by the guiding of Dr. Redwan Ahmed. At That time more than 100 teachers are ready to serve the students. We have large premises and campus including 4 multi-storied academic buildings.

We have a group of trained and skilled teachers with a deep sense of commitment and dynamism. They are also trying to build up their knowledge with time to time and era to era. Because modern economy are expanded rapidly. The environment of Finance and Banking are facing newer problem day to day, As a result we create and develop our teaching method time to time for students as they manage the changing business world. We have well- furnished classroom including projector facility by which we want to maximize the student’s understanding power by visual presentation. As a result our department of Finance and Banking under National University has appeared a pioneer department than other institution.

Our education approach is always onward moving. National University is always interacted established business people as well as other public university for identifying requirement to cope with tomorrow business world. Theyare not only updated their curriculum on regular basis and introduce new courses but also arranged training for their related teachers to build up.

The excellence in finance & Banking education attracts the most creditable students in the country to our department. Due to modern economic world are worthless without Finance & Banking perception, there are huge opportunities to build up career in every business organization and institution. I have invited you to learn more about the department of Finance & Banking and how our institution is contributing to the development of human resources in the country.

With Thanks

Md. Shahadat Hossain
Head of the Department
Finance & Banking
mobile: 01720-118294

Sadiqur Sattar Akand
Finance & Banking Department
Mobile: +8801750799697