Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan:

Chandina Redwan Ahmed College has earned much name and fame in Cumilla district. Lately, the college authority has taken some strategic plans to heighten it to a model institution not only in Cumilla district but also in Chattogram Division as well as in whole Bangladesh.

Some mentionable and praiseworthy initiatives are as follows:

An ultra-modern ICT Lab with 61 desktops and well equipped software based Language Lab with 26 desktops have been set up with an aim to making the graduates of our college competent for the labor market at national and international level. 3- month long training on IT skill and ‘Proficiency in English Language’ has been launched for all graduates and undergraduates of the college to be implemented since December 2023 and after the completion of the training, the participants will be provided certificates.

Multimedia classrooms, Smart classrooms and MIS are going to be introduced since December 2023 to make teaching-learning process up-to-date. Again, installation of eco-friendly and renewable On- Grid Solar Energy System is under process. Both campuses are connected with internet (Land Port, Wi-Fi Access). Plan has been taken to install CC Camera within November 2023.

For maintaining sanitation and health safety, sufficient number of separate wash blocks for both male and female teachers,students and staff has been established. Moreover, hygiene room for female teachers and students has already been set up. There has been a good arrangement of pure and fresh water by installing electric water purifiers.

In addition, Central Library and Seminar of 12 departments have been enriched with reference books and will be digitalized by automation software. Chemistry Lab is also well-equipped now with modern lab equipment.The college campus has been turned into a green campus by ‘Sabujayon’.


Digital notice board and a cafeteria are going to be opened within December 2023.

After all, extensive steps have been taken to impart quality education by digitalizing the college.