Vision & Mission

1.1 Background and Establishment

Chandina Redwan Ahmed College, Chandina, Cumillais located by Dhaka-ChattogramHighway at the juncture of Daudkandi, Debidwar, Muradnagar and Burichong Upazila in the district of Cumilla. Chandina is a prolific land of legendary figures. Such a legendary figure is Dr. Redwan Ahmed, an educationalist, philanthropist and former Member of Parliament of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. This timeless person established Chandina Redwan Ahmed College in 1980 at the heart of Chandina. Before 1980, there was no college in and in the vicinity of Chandina Upazila. The inception of the college has met the long felt expectation and aspiration of the people of this area. Soon the college has turned into a treasure trove of Higher Education. Prior to the establishment of the college, the students of this area, particularly the female ones had to go to Cumilla Headquarter and Dhaka. This college has ushered a new vista of higher education for the people of Chandina.

1.2 Vision, Mission and Objectives

As a far-sighted person, Dr. Redwan Ahmed established this college with some far-flung vision and mission. The college set a mission to enlighten the whole community by imparting quality education. The motto of the college is to turn the students into worthy citizens of the country and devote them to serve the country with patriotic zeal.

A good number of students of this area have completed graduation from this college. Many students with financial constraints have been studying here with nominal tuition fees. Again many talented students have occupied great posts and positions after completing their graduation from this college. Thus, the college has been playing the role of a catalyst to bring a revolutionary change amongst the people of this locality.

Meanwhile it has achieved its several visions with the affiliation of National University for Degree(Pass) and subsequently Honors and Masters programs. The college has, in the mean time , produced lots of graduates and thus contributed a lot to the tertiary level education of the country.

Very recently the college has set some positive visions and objectives in accordance with the missions and visions of National University to meet up the demand of the day. The college is committed to distribute quality teaching by setting up ICT Lab, Language Lab, modernizing Chemistry Lab, installing Solar Energy,  providing Internet facilities and, above all, by making a digital campus.


The college has also targeted to heighten the other arenas like equipping Central Library and 12 departmental libraries, supplying pure and fresh water to the students and staff, establishing sufficient wash block, offering IT and Language proficiency course and so on.

1.3 Academic Departments and Programs

Currently Chandina Redwan Ahmed College runs 16 academic programs under 12 departments of which 12 are undergraduate programs (Honours) and 4 are graduate programs( Masters). It got affiliated with National University in 1993 to rundegree (pass) programs with 3 groups- B.A, B.Com, and B.Sc programs, and later on got approval to open 12undergraduate (Honors) programsat several phases. The details related to the current academic programs are as follows:BA , BSS ,BBA  &  B Sc. The 12 departments under these 4 programs are: Bangla, English, Islamic History, Social Science, Social Work, Political Science, Economics, Accounting, Management, Finance & Banking, Marketing and Chemistry.

And the graduate (Masters)programs the college runs are as follows: MBA, MSS

The 4 departments under these 2 programs are:Accounting, Management, Social Work & Political Science.