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Department of Social Work

Welcome to the Department of Social Work, Chandina Redwan Ahmed College, Chandina, Comilla. Department of Social Work is one of the eleven department existing at this college. This Department began ist drive throuth introducing BSS (Hon’s) in Social Work from the session 2012-2013. From the very commencement of the department, the Department of Social work has been offering BSS (Hon’s) in Social Work to the students. Recently, this department has also introduced masters (Preliminary) in Social Work from the session 2013-2014. the establishment of the department has not only created a scope of studies and researches in Social Work but also boosted realistic hopes for the students who opt to study further in Social Work. Mr. Al Mamun Sarker, a lecturer of the department, is now in charge of the Department. Mrs Johara Begum is anothe rfaculty member of this department. Asst. Prof Trishna Bhadra and Dilruba Akter are slso associated with this department . The knowledge of Social Work is applied for the welfare of people of the society. Professional social workers can play a vital role in solving various problems relating to society. With an eye to addressing the need of the society, The department of Social work of Chandina redwan ahmed College is fervently working to produce some professional social workers from theis departmnent so that they can contribute much to the social welfare of the society. Keeping this goal in mind, this department runs 60-working day long fieldwork for its students. I do believe that the department of Social Work will continue its outstanding success in Future.

with thanks

Al Mamun Sarker
Head, Department of social work.
Mobile: 01814-864145